Stop on in to the Flagstaff Design Center to check out our new porcelain tile! Offered in rustic, modern, or traditional styles, we provide real looking wood from many different companies. A hot new product on the market today called Redwood Mahogany can be found here! Manufactured by MS International, this rich etched flooring can be applied in commercial or residential settings.

Redwood Mahogany, Woodstone Series, MS International

New wood looking porcelain tile requires less maintenance and upkeep than other style floors. Real hardwood flooring, for example, is much harder to maintain as a softer and unpredictable material in varying climates. Manufacturers are producing this tile flooring for greater ease of care while still giving off a homey feel.

Versatility is a crucial advantage of porcelain tile, coming in a multitude of colors and textures of your choice. Woods such as mahogany, oak, or cedar are duplicated under the MSI Woodstone series held here at the Flagstaff Design Center. Laying the tile down in different ways can also alter the dynamic of the space. Straight lays – horizontal or vertical – or chevron lays are some options for improving the visual aesthetics of an interior.

Wood looking tile placed in a waiting reception area of a commercial interior.

As a harder tile, porcelain will not chip as easily as ceramic. Just another way this innovative creation is impressing the design industry today.

Worried about the cold? We can install heated tile floors for warming up those cold tiles for the winter months.

Porcelain tile is recommended for interior uses such as walls, backs splashes, counter tops, and floors, adhering to projects small or large.

An example of Redwood Mahogany used as a detail in this patterned floor arrangement.

Whatever your next project may me, earth like tile is most likely to fit all of your needs! Come in today to the Flagstaff Design Center and speak to one of our associates about this new age product!