Some people would say that its best to go against the flow, but how about for a shower surround? At Floor Coverings International we’ve decided to give our customer a chance to change things up, and they loved it! In replace of the standard shower band, we’ve added a circular design within the shower walls.

IMG_1160 (1)


For this unique shower design, we used 13″ Desert Quartzite with Tan Marble for the circular design as well as for the shower floor. By adding an organic shape to a standard geometric shower, it has given our customer’s shower more visual contrast and excitement!



There are all sorts of unique ideas for your shower and bath. Below is a shower pan done to look like it has spilled out of the shower.We used a mixture of slate and marble. For the shower pan we installed a marble forest mix of 2×2. The slate that was installed is called California Gold of 16×16. 




At Flagstaff Design Center we strive to design just what you want, and if a unique shower surround is something you are interested in, we can make it happen!