Quartzite is a naturally beautiful stone that is created through intense pressure and heat of sandstone and quartz in areas such as Brazil and India. The stone in naturally harder than granite because it contains more quartz material pressurized with sandstone. On the Mohs scale, quartzite is a 7, with 10 being the hardest, while granite is 6-6.5. Since the stone is hard, it makes it a little bit more difficult to fabricate and finish the edges on the stone, causing to be more costly than granite. On a polished quartzite surface, etching or scratching is possible and can be prevented with a honed, or non-sheen finish on the top. Quarzite is not to be confused with the man-made engineered stone Quartz which consists of 93% and 7% resin or an epoxy based binder.

Quartzite is available in a variety of colors from light grays and whites, to creams, reds and blues. The stone slabs can be used for many applications on the floor, walls and horizontal counter surfaces in both commercial and residential project.  Here are some of the quartzite slabs that our favorite suppliers offer:

Cactus Stone- Daiquiri, Heirloom, Nacarado, Stiletto,  Tortuga,  Ironside Leathered, Red Mountain, Mardi Gras, Revolution, Kaleidoscope, and Enchantment.

Arizona Tile- Calcutta, Taj Mahal, Princess White, Macaubus White, Sea Pearl, Fusion, Emerald Green, and Fantasy Brown Satin.

Kitchen Inspiration:

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