Cork Flooring 101

                                                       The Basics

Natural Cork is originated mainly from Portugal.  Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree.  Prior to the harvest of the bark, the trees are  handled with extreme care; giving them abundant  nourishment to produce high quality cork. Over  time, the trees will eventually regenerate their bark  after 9-11 years and live on for centuries.

What you’ll love

Cork is very flexible, which gives a soft and comfortable underfoot. The textured pattern of cork is a master of disguise for dirt, making it great for hallways and entrances. When installing, the engineered interlock system virtually eliminates any unpleasant gapping. Being hypo-allergenic, cork works considerably well in bedrooms, and basements for a home gym. The natural tone and texture creates a sense of elegance and luxury, enhancing virtually any room style or decor.



For your information

Cork has several features:

  • Natural material
  • Special underlying cork layer for better thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable
  • Flexible with 50% air
  • Easy to clean
  • Applied polyurethane and aluminum oxide for hard finish
  • Renewable source
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