Once upon a time, about five years ago to be specific, Stone Creations created countertops for a ¬†residential kitchen in one of Flagstaff’s local golf communities. It involved Espirito Santo granite from Arizona Tile, which spanned along the perimeter cabinets of the kitchen. On the center island, butcher block was placed to create a designated prep area.

Just about a year ago, a new owner purchased this home. The house was about to see a lot of family life with this new owner, as a few children were moving in. As a year went on, the butcher block became worn and tired, and decided to retire. That’s when the homeowner decided to reach out to Stone Creations to revisit this kitchen. The granite type was to remain the same, but where to find a slab of Espirito Santo that was so similar to the perimeter granite was in a far off land, a place usually called Phoenix, Arizona. Amie, the owner of Stone Creations, travelled to this land and found a recently excavated slab to match the existing slabs from five years ago. The new Espirito Santo was delivered to the Stone Creations slab yard in Flagstaff and that is where the templating began. The Stone Creations crew moved around the cabinet template around the new slab of granite to find the best placement for fabrication so that its colors matched the older granite. Then an idea was brought up. “How about we add some interest to the island by giving it a three inch thickness and a chiseled edge?” The homeowners agreed! Now the kitchen is completed and has a new milestone of life, one that can hold up to years’ worth of wear, tear, and love, living happily ever after.

The elegant, rustic kitchen as a whole. The main emphasis is on the range, which is surrounded by a glorious travertine subway surround. The island sits in the middle, topped with a copper pots that hang from the ceiling. To seal off the kitchen is a lovely freestanding L-shape of more cabinetry and counter space.
This is the new slab of Espirito Santo. You can see that it has beautiful movement filled with gorgeous colors, adding in some cool tones but still maintaining the warmly colored kitchen. Now it is updated and happy!

If you’re interested in achieving a similar granite-tale, stop by our showroom and check out our magnificent selection of natural and man-made stones! Our excellent team of design associates would be glad to help you put together a kitchen that you could only dream of!

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