It’s becoming common to use one of Earth’s beautiful, natural stones as a durable material to use as countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, on tables, and for commercial desks. There is a wide variety of looks, colors, patterns, and types of stone to choose from, depending on the budget, desired aesthetics, and required durability needed from the stone. But such stone doesn’t have to be used solely as a horizontal surface…check out these elegant looks where stone slabs are used in unusual areas of a space!

This slab of stone was used beautifully and subtly to house the bathroom sink. The addition of this stone helps create a very calm and serene bathroom. Continuing the floor-to-ceiling stone onto the vanity counter top helps for the bathroom to be contemporary in style.


The muted gray tones of this wash area are accented by the use of a muted stone with horizontally linear movement. The muted tans and whites, in addition to the darker gray tones in this stone help to break up all of the gray in the space. The space is calming and serene, with a taste of contemporary industrialism and elegance.


With white marble look tile used predominantly in this space, the cool green stone with warm orange sections adds a lot of interest to this space. This is a great idea for any long, rectilinear bathroom or space. It immediately brings your eye to the end of the space, playing with depth perception.


The vertical orientation of the linear movement in this stone helps the eye to scan up and down, emphasizing the height of the space. It is very peacefully used behind the stand alone bathtub here and is reminiscent of rain, overall adding more serenity to bath time! PS, how wonderful would a water feature be on that stone wall, spanning from wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling?


Maybe you prefer a less dramatic use of stone in your about using it as a bathtub surround? Using a slab of stone on the vertical and horizontal faces of your bathtub will be seamless in appearance and help create a contemporary look.


Yet again, stone slabs work wonders on bathroom walls. As mosaics provide a certain type of movement and business, natural stone provides a very interesting appeal of movement. The cool blues in this stone help balance out the warm woods used for the vanity support, which has accented support from the light beiges and darker grays in this stone.


Perhaps you prefer keeping your stone close to your counter tops...why not consider extending your stone counter tops up the wall as a counter top-to-ceiling backsplash? This adds a seamless and interesting elegance and can add a hint of contemporary design, depending on the stone used in conjunction with surrounding elements. In this kitchen, it adds so much warmth and modern appeal with the seamless appearance, warm cabinets, and horizontal lines of all other elements.


The cool stark white and boxy theme of this kitchen is broken up well with the use of a warm and neutrally toned stone with a lot of movement, placed behind the range. This acts as a focal point in the space, emphasizing where the cooking is done. Uniformity is provided by using the same stone as the countertop in the kitchen. Perhaps the neutral color palette isn’t for you? Well, this may actually save you time and money because it allows you to choose bold colors through accenting accessories! This allows you to switch out your bold colors more often, saving you money and boredom!


This beautiful blue geode wall adds so much movement to a plain and linear space. It contrasts the warm wood floors with it's cool blue shades, and is reminiscent of an ocean wave. This stone slab speaks for itself!


Consider options like the above if you want to use slabs of stone in your space while wanting to achieve a look that is out of the ordinary.

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