Replace or Reface?

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Some of the first considerations that comes to mind when wanting to update cabinetry is, “What will this cost and how long will this take?” Consumers usually try to avoid having to live through a remodel but when it’s time for an updated space, it becomes difficult to ignore the subject. It results in a choice of living with an outdated set of cabinetry, or the money and time needed for updating. At this point, it’s important to consider, “What are my options?”

If you haven’t already heard, there is no need to replace your cabinets when you can reface them! Refacing your current cabinets is a great option to update your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, closet, or wherever it is that you have cabinets. It is a less expensive and is less labor-intensive than buying all new modular or custom cabinetry. The process includes applying wood veneer to current face frames and exposed ends. Additionally, the customer makes the choice of a wood species and door style to replace the current door and drawer fronts, and may apply molding to hide any the veneer ends. If possible, existing drawer boxes and guides are continued to be used, and there you have it! An updated set of cabinets in your space without having to spend your savings!


The advantages of refacing instead of replacing include a much lower cost. You could save around 70% by refacing, and other trade, like for plumbing and electricity, are not necessary! The project time schedule takes about two days when refacing, as opposed to four weeks for replacing, and with that comes much less disruption to your home. Additionally, refacing allows the customer to change the wood species and finish and may even add some accessories, such as roll out shelves. This option can also be considered sustainable because instead of getting rid of cabinets that are in good condition, they are reused, overall cutting down on waste and the need for new cabinets to be created. The biggest concerns and disadvantages of refacing instead of replacing are that there are very limited changes to the existing cabinet configuration and the process is only viable when certain conditions are met, such as the condition of counter tops or floors.


Of course, refacing is not for every remodel involving cabinetry. The option of refacing comes with some requirements, or else it is not an efficient option. Refacing can be done if the customer is happy with the current cabinet configuration. During the process, only the doors and drawer fronts are being replaced and has no effect on the layout of the cabinets. However, this works well if the customer simply desires to change the wood species and door style. Refacing is also a great choice if the existing counter tops are in good shape. When replacing cabinets completely, a counter top in good condition will have to be removed and this can be a difficult process that may be harmful to the counter top material. It is also quite important that the drawer boxes and guides are in good condition.  As mentioned earlier, refacing works best with budget restrictions and is a perfect option for rental properties, and provides a very quick turnover that will save the customer much more time than replacing.


So, next time you look at your space and consider the need to update it, check out your option of refacing instead of replacing!

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