Remember the Jetson’s futuristic kitchen that you had always dreamed of having as a child? Well that kitchen is finally yours for simplifying daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning in the kitchen or even the bathroom. With an explosion of touch and motion sensored gadgets in the 21st century, your futuristic kitchen can be customized to fit all of your personal needs and make living as simple as one touch!

To begin, we have the Scanomat TopBrewer-

 The Scanomat TopBrewer is a self-cleaning drink station with a sleek faucet and drain guard incorporated into your kitchen counter with activation and customization through your I-Phone or I-pad Application. The gadget is also smart enough to warn you when you are low on supplies and remember your specific drink orders.
   The Delta touch 20 faucet works just like any standard faucet in the means of water temperature control as well as water flow with the movement of the handle but wait, it gets better! The faucet is touch and  heat sensitive allowing the water flow to be turned on or off with the simple touch of your fingers, wrist or forearm on either the faucet or handle. This easy touch faucet is available in a variety of finishes and styles for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink. Find this simple touch faucet on display at the Flagstaff Design Center showroom at 1 S. Milton in Flagstaff!
In addition to the simple touch faucet, we also have the Simple Human touchless soap dispenser to accommodate the simple functions of your new kitchen or bathroom. This dispenser has a high-efficiency pump with a silicone valve which diminishes clogs and messy drips and  eliminates germs and smudges with any clean-up or preparation!
Simple Human rectangular sensor can opens at just a wave of a hand, keeping the hassle of opening and closing your trash bin out of your daily kitchen tasks.
Sub-zero Wolf Induction cook tops heat iron and other cookware instantly while the cook top surface stays cool! Without a frame, the ceran glass- ceramic cook top can be flush mounted to your counter top which allows for a seamless look and the slick surface grants an easy clean of any mess.
With customized cabinetry, you can create a personal charging station for a variety of electronic devices for great efficiency and style with the hidden mess of cords.
Cabinets door hinges and drawer glides can be upgraded to a soft close application for a quiet environment through each space.
Heat mats can be installed under any counter top in order to keep your food, hands and forearms warm. An island or buffet table would be in special interest for this warm application.
The Solid Drive induction speaker is the ultimate invisible sound with installation capabilities under cabinet, in-wall, in-ceiling, surface mounted or on glass applications. The sound heard from the drive varies from application to application, so come in to our showroom on 1 S. Milton to hear the noise each application permits!
 Also, add warm-up floor mats or coils under a variety of floor surfaces in a cold room or for a whole house! This product can be easily installed under any tile, floating laminate or hardwood floor for any room. Come feel in the heat behind our reception’s desk in our showroom full of futuristic options for your jetson’s inspired kitchen or bathroom.

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