Another job completed, and another happy client! For the project we’re about to show you, plenty of thought went into the design process and instead of showing you just pictures of the completed project, we’re going to show you the drawings that help the client, as well as the installers, understand how the project is to look once completed.


Above is an elevation drawing for the hall bathroom. As you can see, tile spans up the wall and is bordered off by a matching bullnose edge. The challenge here was that the client wanted the bullnose to frame the mirror, in a flowing and almost seamless manner. Because of the different cuts of the bullnose, this was a hard task to accomplish. Flooring consultant, Tom Gebler, explained through this drawing that there was only one real way to accomplish something similar to what the client wanted. Here is the finished product below:

Originally, the client had wanted the bullnose to flow around the mirror in one direction, and continuing onto the other side. This couldn’t be done in quite that way, but with clever planning and design, Tom was able to create an illusory flow of travertine bullnose to provide a smooth flow for eye travel, causing the bullnose seams to look minimal and go unnoticed. In addition, the uplighting creates beautiful and interesting shadows on the bullnose edge and wall, creating interest.

Next is the design for the master bathroom. This vanity has dual vanities and it’s color palette is a bit darker than the hallway bathroom. It incorporates blues, which adds a touch of serenity. As you can see, there is a tall cabinet/hutch that is situated between the sinks, which adds a little bit of privacy and separation between the two different lavatories. This really helps to define a “his” and “hers” side. A unique touch to add was the tile mosaic border around each mirror, and placing downlit vanity light fixtures on the mirror. This helps to give the bathroom a bit more of a contemporary style.

The tall cabinet/hutch expands up to the vaulted ceiling, which adds much height to the space and really emphasizes vertical space. The hutch also provides additional storage at easy to reach access, but because it is set back from the usual depth, in addition to a drawer depth extension in the center base cabinets, it allows for additional counterspace. Again in this bathroom, the lighting provides interesting casts of shadows on the ceiling from the tall hutch, which adds more visual height, vertically.

And finally, here are some additional photos of other work we did on this house.

The different stains of wood used for the various cabinet heights in this kitchen adds a lot of interest and visual depth. The flooring chosen, with the many variances of wood tones, really helps tie the space together and pulls out the cabinetry tones.

Lastly, we did beautiful tilework for the fireplace surround. Slate creates a very nice rustic, modern look but is visually very calming and ties the indoors to the natural surroundings. The addition of the golden wood mantel, the neutral green/beige paint for the chimney, and the beautiful and warmly colored contemporary art brings out colors found in the tile and overall makes the space feel very warm and inviting, whether the fire is going or not!

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