Sustainability is a topic that is rising to popularity in our current times. Sustainability, though, does not only have to do with keeping our environment healthy, but it covers social equity and the economy as well. Here in Flagstaff, many citizens strive to help sustain our environment, but what follows is how to maintain the sustainability of the Flagstaff economy.

Picture above is of Caleb Schiff, owner of local Flagstaff restaurant, Pizzicletta

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The main idea of keeping a constant flow of currency in our town is by purchasing locally. And in Flagstaff, it’s hard not to! In our town, we have many businesses that are not chains, as we have plenty of businesses that are chains. But if you go around and check out all the great restaurants we have to offer, most of them are their own individual asset. The majority of restaurants are mom and pop places, and they are absolutely delicious. It’s especially great for tourists to come here and buy locally because they will experience something here that they can’t experience anywhere else. And this doesn’t only go for restaurants. There are so many companies that offer everyday items, like food, tools, clothing, recreational products, and more. The great thing about a lot of the locally produced or sold items is that they are highly reflective of Flagstaff’s culture. Like restaurants, the stores that sell retail and grocery items are great places for tourists to visit because the visitors can see the types of delicious, organic food produced locally, clothes that are commonly worn here, and experience the different activities that Flagstaff locals enjoy daily. By supporting such businesses, we can help our economy in great ways, as well as the small business that are selling great products with a smaller carbon footprint.

Picture above is of the Hotel Monte Vista and Babbit Brothers, two local facilities of Flagstaff, located in the historic downtown district.

(photo from, Other Local Info-Flagstaff)

By making a purchase, you put money into the economy. At chain businesses, a large amount of the money goes back to the corporation and right out of Flagstaff. However, if you buy locally, the money goes into the Flagstaff economy and has a higher chance of being recycled within our town, being used by other people at other places, for several cycles. The local business that you purchase from pay their employees with the money you spent on your purchase, and then those employees use their earned money for their own items that they purchase locally, resulting in a continuous cycle of currency flow in Flagstaff. The City of Flagstaff also makes sure to provide benefits to Flagstaff locals if they become a member of the “Buy Dine Stay in Flagstaff” program, giving discounts for other necessities, like insurance.


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