Are you trying to update your kitchen, but you’re unsure of what style you might want? A common trend that is appearing more often these days in kitchens is the rustic contemporary style. Often enough, though, contemporary and modern are confused with each other, and it is to a designer’s understanding that not everyone likes modern because it is not homey or comfortable looking, but is rather more edgy, clean, and sometimes considered cold. Well, contemporary isn’t quite like that.

Contemporary can be defined as the current trend of the moment, and is a dynamic, changing term, whereas modern is more of a static term. Today, design styles are often combined with others to keep décor exciting and different. This is where adding a rustic touch comes in. Rustic can be defined as coarse, lacking refinement, charmingly simple, having a rough or textured appearance; basically defining our natural world. One’s idea of rustic is dependent on the geographical region, and can further determine the materials that are considered to be rustic.

Combining contemporary and rustic design is becoming quite common these days and is actually a very nice combination, despite their elemental differences. Combining the clean lines and simplicity of today’s contemporary with more of the rustic, organic shapes, textures, and earthly colors is clean, simple and updated, yet still brings the outdoors in. By combining contemporary with rustic design, you’re sure to create your own personal paradise in your home. A few ways you can achieve this style yourself is simply done by choosing the right materials for your design.

Most crucial of rustic style, bring the outdoors in. Usually this is done depending on the geographic area. It is common to use natural stone tiles for flooring, like slate for use in the southwest, or hardwood for more country-like surroundings. A rustic tip that is also sustainable is to use the materials that are part of your home’s surroundings, if available, for cabinets or other wood accents. Use paint to mimic the views out of your kitchen window, such as matching your wall or accent colors to the most eye-catching color of flower.


A charming rustic look relies mostly on using natural materials in your design. Choose a natural stone or natural wood flooring that has plenty of rigid texture and various tones, like you’d see in nature. Not only should natural materials be chosen for flooring but for countertops and accents as well. If the flooring you choose is subtle without much movement, try picking a granite or tile countertop that incorporates plenty of visual movement and various tones picked from your own kitchen views.



























Blending such natural looks into contemporary styles can be done simply by picking more rectilinear shapes and forms, and by the choice of materials as well. Try picking appliances and other fixtures that are of a brushed nickel or stainless steel material; the light metal with a matte finish helps hide fingerprints and water spots, and is considered to be a bit more modern. When it comes to furnishings and fixtures, choose items that are more edgy with clean lines, as opposed to curvilinear, round forms. This is typical of contemporary style and brings in a nice subtle, modern touch. When choosing your sink, decide on a white apron sink; the modern front panel incorporates some rustic countryside style, and the large size of the sink is very efficient when washing large dishes. As for lighting, choose a metal material that is either rustic, like oil rubbed bronze, or modern, like brushed nickel, and choose a soft lamp shade of the warm color palette; this will warm up the space and is a great blend of both rustic and contemporary styles.

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