It’s easy to lose interest in an old bathroom that is way past due to have an appointment for updating. Usually, though, the one thing that gets in the way of creating your dream bathroom is the budget. All materials add up pretty quickly when renovating a bathroom, however, here at the Flagstaff Design Center, we have a budget-friendly solution for you!


Northern Arizona Stone Creations offers great deals on quartz and granite from their remnant yard. The selections that are offered are left over pieces from beautiful slabs used in our previous projects. Although slab size is limited, the beautiful stones are more than likely to be large enough for a beautiful bathroom vanity! This can be done from as little as $500, and that is so worth a beautiful, updated bathroom.


Need some support for under that beautiful stone countertop? Cabinets by Sunray can create the perfect thing for you. For as little as $1200, have us customize a beautiful storage cabinet that best suits your bathroom organizational needs! We have numerous wood species, paints, stains, and styles of cabinet boxes and doors for you to choose from. With so many options, we can be sure to accommodate your favorite design style!


If your shower is bland instead of beautiful, Floor Coverings International is your go-to flooring company! All it takes is a cost as low as $2500 to incorporate beautiful tile into your shower surround. Selecting a beautiful color, pattern, or texture of our various tile selections, can really update your shower and make you feel the cleanest you’ve ever felt stepping out of it! And if you’d like to continue the tile into the rest of the bathroom, you can update your flooring with our knowledge of budget friendly materials.


In addition to the more permanent fixes, we can also help you find new sink and hardware materials. We have access to various types of sinks that can start at around $100 and sink faucets starting at $150. Bathroom remodels usually cost around $10k, depending on the size and scope of the project. Here at the Flagstaff Design Center, our material specialists will be able to help you find the perfect materials for your daily and budgetary needs, while the expertise of our interior design interns will assist you in creating a beautiful bathroom that you only thought you’d see in a magazine.


Pictured above are budget friendly materials chosen by one of the interior design interns. The Medallion cabinet is of the Silverline collection, in an Astoria door style of the maple wood species with a Champagne Burnish finish (light wood at bottom left of cabinet door). The granite selected is a remnant called English Brown. Paired with these materials is Harmony Red Oak ceramic tile with a Tumbled Rain Block and Ice backsplash for the shower surround. These materials make any bathroom beautiful and fits within a small budget.


Above is another collection picked out by a design intern. The Medallion cabinet door is also of the Silverline collection; the door style is called Fenwick and is of the maple species, stained in an Eagle Rock finish (pictured at bottom left of cabinet door). The granite selection is Arizona Tile’s Juparans Columbo Gold. For flooring, LDI Borgoria Harvest porcelain tile was chosen with the Artistic Blends Serenity Blend backsplash for the shower surround.

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