Vanessa Brunner took the advice from three Houzz professionals and created a three step process for choosing the correct kitchen finishes in a simple manner. Every project is drastically different than the next but these guidelines help make decisions for your next kitchen remodel.

Start with your counter tops. 

Light, reflective and smooth surface material is recommended for counter tops, with a little variation from the main cabinets to the island. Stainless Steel, Zinc and Natural Wood can create a bold statement for an large island. Consider Granite and Composite Materials for a smooth, grout free surface that is easy to clean.  Sticking with one material allows for the kitchen to not be greatly overwhelming, but a slight variation in counter top surface can help define certain tasks area and can be beneficial to the overall design.

Consider the cabinetry.
It’s a good idea to only use three or four materials to keep it simple. Pick bright colored cabinetry to open up the area. Try to use Natural Materials!
Use Additional finishes to pull the space together.
Contrast is the Key! Using a bold back splash against a light counter top can make a large statement with the contrast while allowing the space to compliment each other well. When choosing floors for your new kitchen, base your decision by the floors surrounding your kitchen. Remember, Less is more! especially when it comes to the details such as bar stools, lighting, and accessories.