Popular Kitchen Layouts and Designs

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Kitchens are an area in people’s homes that get a very large amount of time spent in them. The layout of a kitchen should be functional and improve the quality of a families day-to-day life, depending on their lifestyle and cooking style. There are multiple ways to design a kitchen, but here are the five most popular layouts:

  • Essential Work Triangle
  • Zone Design
  • Galley
  • L-Shape
  • U-Shape
The three points of your essential work triangle are most commonly the refrigerator, range and sink. You want to think about the steps you use when cooking, and what’s the most efficient way to design your kitchen based on those steps. For example: I take my food out of the refrigerator, walk over to the sink to wash it, then walk to the stove to cook. I most often go between the sink and the stove so it makes sense to place those two appliances closer together.
Zone design focuses on the cooking, eating, cleaning and working zones. Or whatever zones you may need to use in your kitchen. What you will have is a separate work station for each zone. This design helps in the functionality of your kitchen as well as avoiding cross-contamination.
A galley kitchen has two straight runs on either side, typically with the range on one side and the sink on the other. Traffic flow tends to get a little tricky in these kitchens since there is really only one main walkway.
An L-shaped kitchen is very functional for cooking because it forces traffic out of the cooking area and onto the other side of the peninsula or island. This is a great design for families and entertaining.
A U-Shaped kitchen developed from the growing need for more storage space. It is simple, functional and has ample amounts of storage.
After you decide which kitchen layout is best for you and your family, it’s time to pick out cabinetry, counter-tops, flooring, and window coverings.
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