Countertop Edges

On December 21st, 2011, posted in: Granite, quartz by 0 Comment

After selecting your granite slab, the next step is deciding which edge you would like your countertop to have. This will reflect your personal style and theme through your home. Granite slabs are cut at 3/4″ thick, and we use lamination to build your edge up to a 1 1/2″ thickness to acheive a richer look.

There are many edging options; we mainly fabricate about 7 different edges, with 4 of them being the most popular among customers.

  • Eased: An eased edge is a squared off edge that looks great in contemporary interiors.
  • Bullnose: A bullnose edge is a rounded edge that is moreon the traditional side of design.
  • Chiseled: A Chiseled edge is very rustic and raw looking. It can also be done in our Satin Chisel which is where we buff the edge after it has been chiseled to make it softer to the touch.
  • Demibull: Demibull is a semi-rounded edge with a flat bottom.
  • Top-Bevel: A Top-bevel edge is a squared edge with the corner clipped off.
  •  Top-Radius:  A top-radius edge is rounded off on the top corner with a flat face.
  • Ogee: An Ogee edge is the most traditional with the way it is cut.

Look at the image that shows you the profile of each edge and then see them on a granite countertop in the pictures following.