Design with Carpet

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Carpet is a great material to incorporate into your home design. It can be your starting point and foundation for your color scheme, or it can be selected to complement other elements in the room. Remember these four essential parts when planning your scheme: style, color, texture and pattern. Use your floor as a “fifth wall” and take advantage of the possibilities carpeting can bring.


Here are a few key pieces that coincide with each part of your scheme:

  • Style: Categorized as Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Transitional, Country, etc. The best way to define your style is figuring out what feels comfortable to you. The best home environment will be the one that proudly reflects the personality of its owners.
  • Color: Creates mood as it manipulates size and shape and cleverly plays¬†with light. The floor is usually one of the largest visual elements in the room, so choosing the right color for your carpet is very important.
  • Texture: This is the hottest element in interior design and nothing has captured this direction more than carpet. Texture is all about how something feels when we touch it – rough, smooth, silky, etc.
  • Pattern: Smaller patterns will help make a room appear larger. It also disguises soiling and natural wear and tear. Some patterns can stretch the dimensions of a room by drawing the eye in the direction of the pattern.

Keep in mind when selecting your carpet that each of these elements should complement each other, you don’t want to overdose on any one part. You want to be creating a continuity throughout the space that is reflected in each element. Choose one part that you would like to stand out and design the rest of them around that element.
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*All information and photos: courtesy of Couristan.